• Before the school year begins…
    Immunizations Requirements for the 2023-2024 School Year

    Nurse giving young boy a shot State law requires that all students enrolling in preschool, Kindergarten, 7th grade, and all new students provide proof of immunization status or a waiver by the start of school. Parents/guardians can provide this proof by dropping off or mailing copies of immunization records to the school office before the first day of school.

    Local Resources for Immunizations

    • Your family’s pediatrician (or see pediatric listings in phone book/internet)
    • Free or low-cost immunizations and sports physicals are available all summer through the UM Regional Alliance for Healthy Schools (RAHS). RAHS clinics located at Pathways to Success Academic Campus and Scarlett Middle School are open to all AAPS students, no matter which school they attend. Call (734) 677-2708.
    • The Washtenaw County Health Department offers free and low-cost immunizations by appointment, including evening appointments. Call (734) 544-6700.
    • Contact your school nurse for other resources and with questions.

    Non-Medical Waivers

    Ann Arbor Public Schools encourages parents/guardians to fully immunize their children to maintain a healthy school environment for all students and staff. By state law, parents or guardians seeking to opt their children out of one or more required vaccinations must participate in a science-based educational session with their local public health department. In Washtenaw County, waiver appointments can be scheduled by calling Washtenaw County Public Health at (734) 544-6700. Appointments take approximately 30 minutes.

    Top Ten Reasons to Protect Your Child by Vaccinating

    For additional information, please visit the Ann Arbor Public Schools immunization webpage at a2schools.org/immunizations.