Huron Comprehensive High School Advisory Group

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    The goal of the Advisory Team is to recommend institutional improvement in order to better serve the school community.
    Huron High School has a history of excellence in academics, arts, and athletics. The parents and staff are significant contributors to our school community. The implementation of the IB (MYP, DP, and CP) Programme has been an exciting addition to our comprehensive programming, and this addition makes Huron one of the most comprehensive high schools in the state of Michigan. Increasing engagement with, and feedback from, parents and staff in the areas of policy, decision-making processes, and resources, will enhance our continuous improvement efforts.
  • Members

    Reheman Adil, Parent
    Mary Lou Auchus, Parent
    Margaret Baker, Parent
    Marlyse Baptista, Parent
    Samina Barritt, Parent
    Susan Bayne, Parent
    Chris Caris, Parent
    Antoinette Clarke-Jones, Parent
    Paul DeAngelis, Executive Director for HS Education
    Marcus Edmondson, Class Principal
    Sean Eldon, Teacher
    Sarah Glinka-Endicott, Parent
    Dan Hurley, Parent
    Kevin Karr, IB Pre-K/12 Administrator
    Simone McDaniel, Parent
    Melissa Saeed, Teacher
    Janet Schwamb, Principal
    Suzanne Stein, Parent
  • Meetings

    Tuesday, May 14, 4:30-6:00 PM
    Tuesday, May 28, 4:30-6:00 PM
    2019-20 meeting dates are still TBD