Frequent Volunteer Opportunities 
    During the AAPS School Day (approx 8am-4pm)

    Lunchtime/Recess Volunteers needed!
    AAPS is looking for volunteers to help out during lunch/recess time  (approximately 11am-1:15pm) at several AAPS Elementary Schools including:

    Abbot Elementary
    Allen Elementary

    Angell Elementary
    Bach Elementary
    Burns Park Elementary
    Bryant Elementary

    Dicken Elementary
    Eberwhite Elementary
    Lakewood Elementary
    Lawton Elementary 
    Logan Elementary

    Haisley Elementary
    Pittsfield Elementary

    Lunchtime/Recess support tasks can include supporting COVID, protocols, organizing games and activities, helping students transition from lunch to recess, assisting staff and students during the lunch period, and other tasks as needed. 

    Read more about the volunteer position and apply here: Noontime/Recess Support Volunteer

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    Portuguese Speaking Volunteer Needed at Mitchell Elementary

    What: Bilingual Volunteer Support for Portuguese speaking ELL students. 

    Looking for: A volunteer who can support 1st and 4th grade Portuguese speaking students in their classrooms. No experience needed!

    Availability: Anytime 9am-3pm preferably twice a week. 

    EL Teacher:  Chris Culbertson, culbertsonc@aaps.k12.mi.us 

    Language Needed: Portuguese

    Transportation Information: This school is located on the far east side of Ann Arbor. Reliable transportation is needed.

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    Library Support Volunteers Needed! 

    As a Library Support Volunteer you will provide an extra set of hands to your AAPS librarian in a variety of ways. Your primary role is to be a positive role model for AAPS students. Tasks may include collecting books from the school building, checking in books, reshelving books, helping students find books, preparing for check out, checking out books to students, creating book and showcase displays, and more.

    Schools currently seeking Library Support Volunteers include:

    Allen Elementary
    Bryant Elementary
    Ann Arbor Open
    Bach Elementary

    Learn more about this volunteer role here.

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    Other Frequent Volunteering Opportunities

    • Classroom Support Volunteer: As a Classroom support volunteer you will provide an extra set of hands to your AAPS contact in a variety of ways. Your primary role is to be a positive role model for AAPS students. 
    • Academic Support Volunteer: As an Academic support volunteer you will work with students on their assignments as directed by an AAPS staff member. Proficiency in an Academic Subject is required for this role. 
    • Bilingual Student Support Volunteer: Bilingual Student Support Volunteers provide positive adult role models to AAPS English Language Learner (ELL) students who need additional assistance with school work and/or an additional adult who speaks the student’s native language. Tasks can include help with assignments, literacy support, social engagement, math support, assistance during recess, lunchtime and more. You must be fluent in a language other than English in order to volunteer for this role. 
    • EL Student Support Volunteer: EL Student Support Volunteers provide support to AAPS English Language Learner (ELL) students who need additional assistance and support with their school work and/or additional social engagement.

    Interested in one of these opportunities? Complete the AAPS Volunteer Information and Interest form here

    After School Opportunities

    We will add after school opportunities as we get them here. 

    One-time Volunteer Opportunities

    Help Rebuild the Eberwhite Elementary Playground (Oct 12-17)

    Eberwhite Elementary needs both skilled and unskilled volunteers to participate in a community rebuild of their 3rd-5th grade playground. There are many volunteer shifts available.

    Volunteer Opportunities for Groups or Organizations

    Are you an organization that wants to partner with us? Complete the Partnership Request Form here.

    Other Volunteer Opportunities
    Volunteer Washtenaw offers a variety of opportunities for volunteers. We post many of our opportunities on that site as well. Search it and see what you find!

    Volunteer Opportunities From Our Strategic Partners