• 2019 Personal Project Exhibition


    What should parents, family and community members do at the Personal Project Exhibition in January?

    Ask students questions!  As you talk with Personal Project students during the Exhibition, ask students questions about what they learned but also how they went about learning.

    For your reference, the students used the outline/rubric below in completing their Personal Project.  Use it to ask students questions! :-)

    A: Investigation

    1. Define a clear goal and global context for the project, based on personal interest
    2. Identify prior learning and subject specific knowledge relevant to the project
    3. Demonstrate research skills

    B: Planning

    1. Develop a criteria/specifications for the product/outcome
    2. Plan and record the development process of the project
    3. Demonstrate self-management skills

    C: Taking Action

    1. Create a project/outcome in response to the goal, global context and criteria
    2. Demonstrate thinking skills
    3. Demonstrate communication and social skills

    D: Reflection

    1. Evaluate the quality of the product/outcome against the criteria/specifications
    2. Reflect on how completing the project has extended your knowledge and understanding of the topic and global context
    3. Reflect on your development as an IB learner through the project