June 13, 2019 PTO Meeting

  • Motion to approve last month’s meeting made by Alisa Cox, seconded by Elizabeth Morehead and passed with no objections.

    Introduction of officers present and verification of a quorum.


    There was discussion about Field Trip funding.  Some parents felt the PTO should make it clearer that this line item funds bussing costs and not entry fees and the entire cost of a trip.

    The Thurston Nature Center is still waiting for reimbursement for the $500.00 check mistakenly cashed by the Thurston office.

    There were four approved changes to the preliminary budget.

    Line item 4042--Auction was changed from $12,000.00 to $10,000.00

    Line item 5025--Green Schools was changed from $500.00 to $600.00

    Line item 5030--Earth Week Education was changed from $350.00 to $200.00

    Line item 5205--Auction was changed from $1500.00 to $4500.00

    Motion to pass the budget made by Elizabeth Morehead, seconded by John Svoboda and passed with no objections.

    Motion by Alisa Cox for $391.68 for Art Room stools as priced out by Mrs. Wyse, seconded by Elizabeth Morehead and approved with no objections.

    The outgoing and incoming treasurers will meet over the summer and add the new names to the PTO bank account.

    OHMHA Fall Festival organizers invite the PTO to sell pizza once again at the event.  If this happens, it would be for no more than the first two hours of the event (usually 12-2) and the sellers would need to arrange for a cashbox and paypal reader.

    Preliminary Calendar (note that the district has not yet released its official calendar and dates are subject to change:)

    8/28  Envelope Stuffing

    8/29  Back to School Event 5:30

    9/3  First Day of School

    9/5  Thurston Nature Center Meeting 6:30

    9/12  Picture Day

    9/17  PTO Meeting 6:00

    9/18  Curriculum Night

    9/21  Black Tie Blue Jean Auction

    10/3  Thurston Nature Center Meeting

    10/4  National Walk to School Day Observed

    10/6  OHMHA Fall Festival

    10/11 Auction Winner’s Movie night with Ms. York

    10/15  PTO Meeting

    10/18  Fun Run

    10/22  Picture Retake Day

    10/31  Halloween Parade

    11/2  Winter Bazaar

    11/4  All teachers parent conference night

    11/7  Thurston Nature Center Meeting

    11/19  PTO Meeting

    11/26  Turkey Trot and report cards sent out

    11/27 -- 12/1 Thanksgiving Break

    12/5  Thurston Nature Center Meeting

    12/17  PTO Meeting

    12/19  Ice Skating

    12/21 -- 1/5  Winter Break

    1/6  School Resumes

    1/9  Thurston Nature Center Meeting

    1/14  PTO Meeting

    1/30  Science Fair

    2/6  Thurston Nature Center Meeting

    2/10  NAAPID Events

    2/14  Talent Show

    2/18  PTO Meeting

    2/21  Winter Carnival

    TBD  Chess Tournament

    3/5  Thurston Nature Center Meeting

    3/17  PTO Meeting

    3/19 – 3/21  Thurston Play

    3/28 – 4/5  Spring Break

    4/2  Thurston Nature Center Meeting

    4/17   Disability Awareness Workshop

    4/19 – 4/25  Earth Week Activities

    4/21  PTO Meeting

    5/1  International Night

    5/4 – 5/8  Teacher Appreciation Week

    5/7  Thurston Nature Center Meeting

    5/15  Bike Rodeo

    5/19  PTO Budget Meeting

    5/29  Field Day

    6/4  Thurston Nature Center Meeting

    6/5  Sno Cone Social/Used Book Sale

    6/9  PTO Calendar Planning Meeting

    6/12  Last Day of School