Adult Fitness & Yoga Program

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    Rec & Ed's Fitness & Yoga Program offers something for everyone. Each class has a personal fitness or physical activity level rating, so it's easy to pick the class that is right for you! Whether you are looking for a cardio workout, strength training, a mind-body discipline, a fun way to get fit, or a class on land or water, we have what you need. Our classes offer a stress-free environment to improve your well-being. All of our instructors are certified and ready and willing to meet your personal needs.

    When and Where Do Classes Run?

    We offer classes in each of our four seasons (generally starting in September, January, April, and June), year-round. Our classes are located throughout all areas of Ann Arbor, both in AAPS schools and other locations, so you can find classes that are conveniently located near your home or work. 

    For information about the current session and to read more about our instructors, please visit

    Weather Cancellations

    When AAPS is closed due to inclement weather, all classes in AAPS buildings are cancelled, but classes in non-AAPS buildings may still run. Outdoor classes without a back-up location may be cancelled due to rain or severe weather. We will do our best to email or call if we have last-minute cancellations.


    Scholarships: Need-based financial scholarships are available for residents of the AAPS district. Go to our scholarship page for more details on how to apply. Scholarship co-pays are generally $5 unless otherwise listed in the course description; some restrictions may apply. 

    Senior Discount: Residents of the AAPS district boundaries ages 65+ are eligible for 25% off one class per season. Online registration is not available for this discount. Call our office 734-994-2300 ext. 0 for more details.

    Staff Pass/BOE Discount: Many AAPS employees are eligible to take a free class (or classes) per school year. Click here for more information about eligibility and how to utilize this benefit!

    Waiver of Liability – Physical Fitness & Yoga Classes

    A doctor's review of your health is advised before starting any physical fitness or yoga program. You are strongly encouraged to adapt the activity of the class to a level appropriate for you. Although participation in a physical fitness or yoga program can result in injury or disability, every effort will be made to ensure the health and safety of all participants. By registering for a physical fitness or yoga class, you release the Ann Arbor Public Schools Community Education & Recreation and its staff from liability for injury, disability or damages arising from participation.


    Other Questions?

    Adult Fitness & Yoga Program Supervisor: Terry McNeely, email: