Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Madeleine Fuller

My name is Madeleine Fuller, and I have been bestowed the absolute pleasure of working as the Teacher Consultant /Resource Room Service Provider for Abbot and Logan Elementary Schools. For about the past 14 years I have been living in Belleville with my three children, Joseph, Gwendolyn (Gwennie), and Phillip (ages 21,16 and 14). Born in December, I originally hail from Detroit, MI as the youngest of three siblings. 

 I have worked as an educator for 16 years, two as a Special Education Para for Pittsfield Elementary (AAPS) and 13 with the Detroit Public Schools Community District.  In those 13 years, I have taught K-12 General and Special Education. I received my undergraduate degree in Special Education from… you guessed it … MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY !!!!!!  I consider myself pretty brave to work in Ann Arbor. In 2007 I completed my graduate degree with the University of Phoenix in Curriculum and Instruction.