• Resources

    These are the resources that students use during the personal project course;

    1. Student Handbook

    The handbook is used to help guide students through the process of the course.  It is similar to a textbook as it is an additional resource for students to use to support the experience in the classroom.

    2019 Student Handbook

    2. Evidence Journal

    This electronic journal is where students record the process for the project.  It will store all of the activities that students carry out during the course and will serve as the main communication device between students and teachers for feedback.  The journal also aids students in the the writting of their final written account.

    2019 Evidence Journal

    3. Personal Project Rubrics

    The rubrics are the primary assessment tool that teachers use to provide feedback to students regarding their level of achievement on the course objectives.  A student's final grade in the class is determined using the acheivement level information found in the rubrics.

    Personal Project Rubrics

     4. Parent/Guardian Agreement

    This form serves as a communication tool between parents/guardians and students.  It helps open lines of communication about the project that students are interested in pursuing.

    Parent/Guardian Agreement