• What is the plan to keep facility improvement disruptions to a minimum?

    Work at our school facilities will be planned so it minimizes interference with day-to-day operations and pedestrian safety.  As the program commences, the construction schedule will be reviewed and coordinated, on a regular basis, with the superintendent and key building leaders.  While the summer construction season will be utilized for a majority of the work, if work is ongoing during school days, we will endeavor to have clear, defined separation between construction and ongoing operations through barricades and fencing.  Safety is paramount and will be a key factor in determining the construction sequencing. Implementation of the program will take place over a 20-year period and may include relocating schools to another facility in order to complete renovations.

    If the voters approve the bonds the district will establish a website with updates on construction sequencing for each school. Additional communication will be made through existing channels such as email, SchoolMessenger, etc.