• What are the ages of the buildings in the Ann Arbor Public Schools?

    The average age of AAPS buildings is 63 years old.  Five AAPS schools are approaching their 100th birthday, constructed in the 1920’s: Angell, Ann Arbor Open, Bach, Burns Park and Community. A2 STEAM (Northside’s original building) and Slauson were added in the 1930’s, and the majority of the schools were built during the postwar years in Ann Arbor spanning the 1950’s through the 1970’s. Most recently, Skyline High School was built in 2008.

    School/ Building Name Year Built
    Bach Elementary 1922
    Community High School 1922
    Angell Elementary 1923
    Burns Park Elementary 1925
    Ann Arbor Open 1923
    Slauson Middle School 1937
    Ann Arbor STEAM 1939
    Pittsfield Elementary 1944
    Pathways to Success 1949
    Eberwhite Elementary 1950
    Tappan Middle School 1950
    Mitchell Elementary 1951
    Freeman Elementary 1952
    Carpenter Elementary 1953
    Haisley Elementary 1954
    Pioneer High School 1956
    Dicken Elementary 1957
    Pattengill Elementary 1957
    Wines Elementary 1960
    Forsythe Middle School 1960
    Allen Elementary 1961
    Lakewood Elementary 1961
    Abbot Elementary 1962
    Lawton Elementary 1963
    Thurston Elementary 1963
    Scarlett Middle School 1968
    King Elementary 1969
    Huron High School 1969
    Balas Admin Building 1971
    Clague Middle School 1972
    Bryant Elementary 1973
    Logan Elementary 1977
    Transportation 1982
    Preschool & Family Ctr 1990
    Skyline High School 2008
    Average Year Built 1956
    Average Age 63