• Ann Arbor Public Schools have offered online classes since 2000.  A2 Virtual+ Academy was created in October 2013 as a result of Michigan’s PA 60, 21F enactment.  Public Act 60, 21f gave parents the right to request up to two online classes every term for their child(ren) in grades 6-12.  Parent requests are honored unless the course has not met the pre-requisites, does not grant graduation credit, or meets a few other minor exceptions that can be found in the legislation.  It is one of the first examples of legislation that empowered parent choice in their student's classes.  

    In addition to serving all students in grades 6-12 within the Ann Arbor Public Schools,  5th-graders can participate in an accelerated online math program through an application in 4th-grade. A2 Virtual+ also offers courses to students throughout the state of Michigan by accessing the State of Michigan online catalog, micourses.org.  93% of A2Virtual+ students successfully receive credit in their online course.  This is due to the fact that we have full-time online instructors that are highly qualified in their content.  Students are also supported by mentors that are certified teachers and building liaisons in all high school and middle school buildings.  We are committed to student connections and success.  We consider our courses to be a blended model of online learning.  Students will have face-to-face contact through orientations, proctoring and building visits and receive regular email contact from our staff.  

    A2Virtual+ began with 145 enrollments (one course for one student) serving students in high school on the semester term only in January 2014.  We expanded from only offering semester classes to offering semesters and trimesters. We expanded from just high school students to include middle school students, and we developed a 5th-grade online math acceleration program.  A2Virtual+ offers all core courses and a variety of electives that exceeds the in-building offerings for students in grades 6-12.  The majority of our students take one course per term which replaces a course that would normally be their schedule.  This hour then becomes the students' dedicated online hour which they use to work on their course.  We currently service students in 30 school buildings within Ann Arbor.  

    A2 Virtual+ offers a personalized, accommodating, student-centered curriculum option.  Ann Arbor Public School (AAPS) online courses are aligned with the district curriculum.  All classes in which the district requires a common assessment also have the same requirement online. All our teachers are highly qualified to teach in their content area.  We support the district mission and offer personalized learning for all students. Students will have at least one proctored assessment each term and may have mid-term, final, and district common assessments proctored as well. Students are required to complete orientation at the start of each term.   AAPS courses are NCAA approved.

    During the summer term, we offer the same online courses for students to take for new or repeat credit.  The summer term has a per course cost.  Information on summer opportunities is found on our homepage under new students beginning in April.  Registration for summer opens May 1.

    All parents of students in grades 6-12 are given the right to have their child(ren) take online classes. You can register for a class on our home page,  

    We are ready to personalize your child's academic experience and hope you will join us.

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