• Breakfast is available in Slauson's cafeteria from 7:55 to 8:09. Typical breakfast items include breakfast sandwiches, French toast sticks, and cereal. Students who qualify for free or reduced cost lunch may also have breakfast using the same plan.

    A full hot lunch is available daily in the cafeteria along with several a la carte items. The lunch menu is designed to appeal to middle schoolers. Recently, the offerings and presentation have recently been upgraded to increase the appeal of healthy items.  The hot lunches include a hot entree everyday plus pizza, tacos, burritos, taco salad, hamburgers, a vegetable or salad, and fruit and other items that vary daily, in addition to milk.  We also have added a Sandwich station which makes sandwiches to order. A la carte items include bagels, chips, cookies, nachos, slushies and ice cream.

    Slauson staff share responsibility for supervising the cafeteria.


    1. Food may never be taken out of the cafeteria.
    2. Purchase your own food only: do not buy for others.
    3. No cutting in line or giving others cuts.
    4. Walk at all times: no running is allowed.
    5. Treat all supervisors with respect, and follow all adult directions.
    6. Speak in a normal tone of voice: no yelling or shouting is permitted.
    7. Reasonable table manners are expected.
    8. Each student is responsible for cleaning up his or her eating space.

    Consequences for misbehavior in the cafeteria may include an alternative space for eating lunch, clean-up of the cafeteria after lunch, assigning a student to a specific seat for lunch in the cafeteria, loss of cafeteria privileges, and parent contact.