AAPS 2019 Property Acquisitions

  • On December 18, 2019 the Board of Education approved the purchase of 2 land properties, expenditure to be paid from the Sinking Fund and to be used for the purpose of accommodating anticipated student enrollment growth, enhancing Bryant and Clague neighborhood schools with additional seats to relieve future enrollment pressure in the northeast and southeast areas of the AAPS.
    1. What land is being acquired?
      • 2081 Ellsworth Road $637,500.
        2.956 acres – adjacent to Bryant Elementary School property
      • 700 Nixon Road $710,000.
        1.268 acres – adjacent to Clague Middle School property & recently acquired former church property

    1. What monies will be used to pay for the land?
      The land will be purchased with funds from the Sinking Fund, most recently approved by voters in 2017. By law, these funds cannot be used for salaries or benefits to employees.

    1. Why is additional land needed at this time?
      The January 2018 Growth & Development Study, shared with the Board and published to the community, projects anticipated enrollment growth based on current housing development in progress, including an additional 600 students in the northeast area and approximately 250 students in the southeast.

    1. Are schools in the area fully enrolled and what has been done already to add physical space to prepare for anticipated growth?
      King, Logan, A2STEAM at Northside, & Thurston Elementary Schools are fully enrolled.
      Over recent years, approximately 20 classrooms have been added across these northeast elementary schools, and all the additional classrooms are fully enrolled with more growth anticipated over the coming decade.

      In addition, Allen, Carpenter, and Mitchell Elementary Schools are fully enrolled.
      Approximately 20 classrooms have been added across these southeast elementary schools, and all additional classrooms are fully enrolled with more growth anticipated over the coming decade.

      Clague: Providing relief through additional seats into an area where future growth is already occurring and there is little land available for building. Synergy with the previously purchased church property will provide options for future growth.

      Bryant - Equity & Opportunity: Providing additional access is a key feature at Bryant. This preserves the neighborhood school as the center of the community - while opening access to top-quality programs and services, beginning with preschool, right in the neighborhood where they are most needed through an entrance off of Ellsworth. 

    Growth & Opportunity Report 12/18/19
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