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    Computer Science in Ann Arbor Public Schools


     Michigan's K-12 Computer Science Standards, adopted in May 2019, define what students should understand and be able to know and do in Computer Science in Ann Arbor Public Schools addresses five core concepts and eight fundamental computer science core practices.
    Core Concepts and Core Practices from Michigan Department of Education

    Computer science concepts and practices are taught in a variety of courses in Ann Arbor Public Schools and integrate concepts and skills from many disciplines.


    Relationships Between Computer Science, Science and Engineering, and Math Practices


    The Michigan K-12 Computer Science Standards can be found at the following link.

    Michigan's K-12 Computer Science Content Standards 


    In the Ann Arbor Public Schools, we understand that computer science is a crucial aspect of our student’s futures.  We are preparing our students by providing a framework and understanding of computer science essentials.  The overarching concept is to help expose ALL students to a foundational understanding of programming skills by building a framework throughout elementary.  Once students have gained a strong foundation they are able to make an informed decision if computer science is an interesting area for their future.  Regardless of their choice, the students have all developed a basic understanding of coding and computer science. 


    Tom Pachera

    Career and Technical Education Director