Traveling & Self-Quarantine

  • March 9, 2020
    Protocol for AAPS Community Members impacted by a CDC Travel Advisory 
    Protocol Applies to: Students, Family Members, Staff, and Visitors to AAPS Buildings

    CDC Traveling and Self-Quarantine

    The global coronavirus situation and guidance for travelers are changing rapidly. To prevent the spread of coronavirus in our schools, AAPS expects that anyone traveling internationally and entering our schools will strictly adhere to the CDC’s Travel Advisory information. Depending on the country, these instructions may include self-quarantine and not going to work or into a school for a 14-day period. The district will err on the side of caution to protect students, staff, and families.

    Note: if the CDC places similar guidance on domestic travel, these expectations for travelers will extend to travelers from those locations. 

    Instructions for Students/Staff/Family Members/Visitors:

    1. Check the CDC’s Travelers Returning from High Risk Countries webpage before coming into a school building. Contact the Washtenaw County Health Department at (734) 544-6700 if you are unsure of your status.
    2. Follow the CDC’s instructions carefully. Currently travelers from Level 3 Travel Health Notice countries are being directed to stay home for 14 days from the time they left an area with widespread, ongoing community spread.
    3. Notify the principal if self quarantine is needed. The principal and school district will maintain the individual’s confidentiality in accordance with district policy and federal laws. 
    4. If the CDC’s travel advisory page updates to include the country you have traveled to after you returned, call the building principal before coming to school. 
    5. If quarantined, at the end of the quarantine period, request a “Letter of Release of Quarantine” from the Washtenaw County Health Department. Provide this letter to the school principal. 
    6. If you have questions about your health risk status, please contact your health care provider or the Washtenaw County Health Department. 
    7. If a person under quarantine undergoes coronavirus testing and has a letter from the Washtenaw County Health Department indicating he/she is negative for coronavirus, submit the letter to the building principal before returning to school.