Supporting AAPS Nutrition Assistance

  • To Those Wishing to Help Ensure All AAPS Students Receive Meals While School is Closed
    Thank you so much for reaching out during this challenging time. We appreciate your willingness to support our students and their families in the Ann Arbor Public Schools. There is truly a community support effort coming together just now, and the high level of outreach is indicative of our amazing Ann Arbor community.

    Currently, we have AAPS personnel who have undergone training required by the Federal School Lunch Program in order to participate in the food distribution process.

    In addition to the requirements of the federal program, we also must practice ‘social distancing’ in the distribution. This will mean fewer individuals can actually be present at the food distribution location so that all may safely participate. Participants will pick up packaged food and then be asked to depart the school location quickly; we are not to gather in groups during this distribution time, and food is not to be consumed at the school. We understand that these guidelines sound harsh, yet they are designed for the health and safety of everyone involved.

    At this time, for the many who want to pitch in, we are advising that the very best way to be of assistance is to donate financially to Food Gatherers through this link. Please share this message with friends and neighbors via social media.

    Again, thank you so much for reaching out; helping each other is who we are in Ann Arbor, not just what we do. We are overwhelmed, warmed, and inspired by the tremendous outpouring of support for our students and families.

    Thanks to individuals like you, we are all #A2gether during this challenging time,

    Jeanice Swift