COVID-19 Update March 18th

  • AAPS COVID-19 Update
    March 18, 2020

    Hello AAPS Students and Staff, Parents, and Community,  

    As we mark the third day of the AAPS COVID-19 Closure, we work to ensure the important connection among our students, teachers, and staff continues even as we aren’t physically present together. As everyone is dealing with the stress and unique challenges of our current situation, we know maintaining connections is particularly important for children, and for all of us.

    This email provides updates on Health Information, Technology for Families, Keeping Students Engaged in Learning at, and AAPS Facilities Are Closed. Please review all of these sections and click on the associated links for full information.

    Health Information

    The health and safety of our students, staff, parents and community remain our top priority. Currently, testing for COVID-19 across Michigan is increasing and it is anticipated that additional positive results will be announced. We continue our coordination and communication with the Washtenaw County Health Department daily, and if the WCHD announces a case with known ties to the Ann Arbor Public Schools, we will share the information from the health department and follow their guidance.  

    Individuals who have health concerns should reach out to their health provider or to the WCHD.

    Technology for Families

    Parents and guardians who have requested a device through our surveys are invited to pick up a device at your child’s school according to this schedule. Surveys are available here for families that may be experiencing technology needs. Any families with transportation, health concerns, or who are otherwise unable to pick up the device at the scheduled time, should call our technology hotline at 734-997-1222. The hotline is available from 7:30 AM to 7:30 PM to also offer assistance for families experiencing technology or home internet reliability issues connected to staying engaged in learning at

    Keeping Students Engaged in Learning at

    We are all learning together during this time away from school, and during the closure, our focus will be on ensuring connections, continued engagement, and enrichment in learning. Our teachers have been hard at work this week preparing online classroom spaces for students to connect with their classmates and teachers. Please click here for an update about learning plans for the week of March 23rd. We will be carefully monitoring student engagement during the closure and will reach out personally and directly to students as needed. If you have any concerns about the well-being of any students, please reach out to your child’s principal who can connect students and families with necessary resources.

    AAPS Facilities Are Closed

    As of 5 PM today, all AAPS facilities are closed with the exception of employees involved in mission-critical work: providing food service, technology distribution, finance, and custodial and maintenance, who will practice social distancing. 

    In the interest of health, safety, and security, we have implemented a full cancellation of all district gatherings and face-to-face meetings and events across the Ann Arbor Public Schools until further notice. 

    We know we must all do our part to help mitigate this outbreak, and remind everyone of the critical importance of social distancing. We ask families not to host or participate in informal practices or other events that bring together groups of students. The current reality is that any event that brings together multiple people is a potential exposure event.

    Finally, please read this statement from the Washtenaw Intermediate School District with more information regarding the education program schools across the county will be offering during this closure.

    We are on this COVID-19 journey together. We appreciate the clarity that times of uncertainty can offer in reminding us of what matters most: the power of connection, our shared commitment to children, and our partnership in working together in outreach and support of all in our Ann Arbor community. 

    Thank you for your support of our children, and of the Ann Arbor Public Schools.


    Jeanice K. Swift
    Superintendent of Schools