• At the beginning of each school year counselors work with administration to schedule students in the most efficient manner. Counselors can make schedule changes but sometimes, Skylines's Administration is making changes to the master schedule and balancing classes between sections between registration and the first few weeks of school. Some sections and/or teachers in your schedule may have changed and necessary corrections were made. The schedule in PowerSchool is the current schedule that students should be attending. PLEASE CHECK YOUR POWER SCHOOL ON THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!

    Schedule Changes/Corrections - Drop/Add Policy
    The following are reasons as to why we would be able to change a course:

    1. Required Changes: Failures, Summer School, Testing Out and Incomplete schedules
    2. Required Changes: Wrong class level
    3. Required Changes: Dual enrollment, Split (enrollment split with another high school) or Work Experience
    4. Your counselor/administration may also need to adjust your schedule due to your course history, scheduling conflicts, balancing classes and/or changes to the Master Schedule and will do so as needed. We will always make adjustments in the student's best interest based on graduation requirements goals as discussed in the yearly interview.

    Schedule Changes/Corrections - Process to request a schedule change that is NOT an error in scheduling:

    • Email your counselor or complete the level change request form
    • A parent signature is REQUIRED if you are dropping a graduation requirement, academic class, language, music ensemble or moving down an academic level.
    • Request will be filled in order of priority and chronological order of request.
    • Your counselor will contact you if there is a question about your request and/or if it cannot be fulfilled. Otherwise, assume that we have been able to complete your request or are still working on it.
    • Please check PowerSchool for updates! This may be your only notification that your request was completed.
    • Check student handbook for guidelines around when classes can be changed.