March 27th Staff Update

  • March 27, 2020
    Good afternoon, AAPS Teachers.

    Happy Friday!  Thank you for all of your ingenuity and hard work as we continue to manage a shift to online instruction. Our 18,500 students and their families are so lucky to have you and we want to keep you all safe, healthy and supported throughout the closure.  

    The teaching and learning team and the AAEA are working together to shape the path for forward instruction, and we anticipate sharing more detail and guidance about the next phase of continuous learning when we return from break.   

    Thank you for completing our classroom teacher survey. If you have not yet shared your feedback with us, please click here and take a few minutes to let us know how things are going and what your needs are moving forward. 

    Elective/specials teachers and support staff, we understand that the nature of your work is unique from that of classroom teachers and your needs are likely different. Please take a few minutes to share your feedback with us by taking the survey linked here

    Over Spring Break 

    Please unplug, rest and focus on some well-deserved self-care during spring break.  This time away from your computer is important for so many reasons, and while we know your heart is with students, we need you to pause, take a break, and get rest during this time.  

    When you return the week of April 6, here’s what you can expect:

    We will stay the course with our current plan of learning opportunities (review and enrichment) for the week of April 6 while we engage together with the AAEA and the AAPS to set expectations going forward.  During the week of April 6 we anticipate providing the supports below. 

    Professional Development

    Our teams are hard at work preparing professional development to meet the needs you have shared with us via the survey. When you return from spring break, you can expect a wide range of voluntary professional development opportunities to support forward instruction in your curriculum in the following areas:

    • Schoology for beginner, intermediate and expert users 
    • Strategies for teaching online and promoting a positive online classroom culture
    • Creating videos, managing feedback and monitoring participation
    • Using differentiation tools in an online setting

    Our amazing IT staff and blended learning teachers will continue to provide open office hours for “on the go” answers to your questions.  We will also continue our teacher help line (734) 994-5040 or emailing  

    Forward Instruction Guidelines

    Detailed guidance for teachers at each level will be shared with you the week of April 6th following our collaboration and agreement between the AAEA and the AAPS. These guidelines will help us manage expectations for ourselves, students and families. You can expect these guidelines to address:

    • Focus standards/units of study
    • Communication 
    • Scheduling for lesson posts
    • Pacing 
    • Student participation 
    • Assignments and assessing student learning

    Being in step together along this journey is the very best way for us to support you, to ensure that we are reducing student learning gaps, and to manage the expectations of our community.

    Zoom Message

    You have likely heard from your principal that Zoom is NOT acceptable for any student/teacher interaction. First, student access is not consistent. Many lack the ability to download and participate. Second, we must use only FERPA, CIPA & COPPA protected tools and we have been clear about those approved platforms:  SeeSaw, Google Classroom and Moodle. We need your help to protect student privacy and to remain legally compliant with federal regulations. 

    Do Not Publish Reminder

    This is also a good time to remind everyone to observe district policy regarding the publishing of student photos. Please do not post photos or videos of students on social media who have a “Do Not Publish” on record. Student sharing of photos and videos within one of our approved platforms (SeeSaw, Google Classroom and Moodle) is acceptable. 

    In Closing

    We cannot overstate how grateful we are for all that you are doing to connect with students and to support each other. We will do everything we can to support you and look forward to sharing more details about this next phase of continuous learning when we return from spring break.

    Please enjoy the break this coming week!
    The Teaching and Learning Team

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