COVID-19 Update April 6th

  • AAPS COVID-19 Update
    April 6th

    Hello AAPS Community,

    I want to check in with you as we begin this next phase of our work and learning together, post-spring break 2020, in the Ann Arbor Public Schools.

    In case you missed it last Thursday, a more comprehensive update was sent following the Governor’s announcement and may be read here.

    By now you have heard that in the interest of public health and safety, closure of our school buildings will extend through the end of this school year. While our school buildings may be closed due to the COVID-19 crisis, our amazing teachers, leaders and every staff member will continue to carry out our work every day in service to students in three priority areas:  to support student, staff and family health and safety first; to ensure connections, learning and academic progress continues; and to extend outreach and partnership in our community to distribute food and ongoing supports for our students and families.

    Since initial closing back on March 13th, members of our AAPS team have been working vigilantly - literally around the clock - and our team is ready to move forward over these coming weeks. Our talented teachers and staff are prepared, and we will transition into a more significant distance learning education model for our students for this next phase of post-spring break learning.  

    Families can expect consistent lessons to support students in making forward progress in the curricula at every subject area and grade level. You will hear more details about learning plans directly from your teacher and your school principal.

    We all understand the sobering reality that we are currently experiencing an unprecedented public health crisis in southeast Michigan. Students, staff and families are impacted daily by the realities of this crisis by the disruption of daily routines, and unfortunately many are also experiencing illness, economic reversal, job loss and other challenging circumstances. Information we are receiving today indicates that we likely have several difficult weeks ahead of us with continuing impacts of this COVID crisis.  

    We understand that our students and families have widely varying needs, abilities and time constraints, particularly at this time, and a ‘one size fits all’ approach to distance learning in the AAPS will not serve our families well. We also want to reiterate that we have received assurance from Governor Whitmer that grade-to-grade and graduation progress will not be impacted for students by this current crisis. We encourage families to find a balance that works for their specific needs, and we are committed to supporting all our families throughout this process.  

    We recognize that catching up academically from this COVID closure experience will not occur only during the upcoming weeks following spring break. Rather, this will prove an ongoing process for all students and schools across the state and the country, and we are planning ahead now to meet this academic challenge in the AAPS.

    In addition to a foundation of regular engagement and content learning with the classroom teacher, we are also exploring a menu of optional learning opportunities and enhancements from which our students and families may wish to take advantage during late spring and summer. We will share more about these learning enhancements in the near future.

    While so much has changed in the realities of daily life for every student, staff member, parent and family as we live through this current COVID-19 crisis, one priority remains for all of us – we remain deeply committed to each and every child and family to support continued health, learning and growth.  

    Thank you for all your support of our students, staff and this Ann Arbor Public Schools community. Truly, we are in this together.


    Jeanice Kerr Swift 

    Superintendent of Schools 
    Ann Arbor Public Schools   

    This week’s AAPS Food distribution will take place tomorrow, April 7th, and Thursday, April 9th, at 16 locations. Full details on dates, locations, and times are available here.

    If you have food allergy needs or cannot make it to a pick-up location please call 734-994-2265. Arrangements will be made.