Continuity of Learning Update April 8th

  • AAPS COVID-19 Update
    April 8th

    Dear AAPS Families,

    Governor Whitmer announced on Thursday, April 2, that Michigan schools will remain closed for the rest of this school year. We are saddened at the thought of not seeing our students over these many weeks; each AAPS staff member will miss being together with your bright and talented students.  

    We have been preparing for this possibility and have worked hard to build our AAPS Continuity of Learning Plan (CLP). Our goal is to ensure that every AAPS student continues to engage and learn forward in our curricula with our dedicated AAPS staff remotely for the remainder of the school year.

    Per Governor Whitmer’s executive order, the AAPS is required to submit our Continuity of Learning Plan to the Washtenaw Intermediate School District for approval. We will be submitting our plan at the earliest available opportunity to do so. 

    Our intention is to begin implementation of the AAPS Continuity of Learning Plan beginning April 13th. The expectations below will help families to know what to anticipate.

    Teacher, Student and Caregiver Expectations - Beginning Monday, April 13

    Teacher Responsibilities

    • Provide forward instruction in curricula according to established schedules, allowing students to complete assignments at any time throughout the week. 
    • Provide feedback and support throughout the week.
    • Work together with families and professional school staff to meet the needs of all students with differentiated learning opportunities.
    • Monitor student participation, assess needs and progress.
    • Communicate a daily message of care to students.
    • Respond to emails daily.

    Student Responsibilities

    • Communicate with your teacher(s) about your needs and learning.
    • To the best of your ability, stay connected to your teachers in their online platforms. We know some things are out of your control.
    • To the best of your ability, complete assigned activities each week.
    • Ask questions when you need help or don’t understand.
    • Communicate your needs, both emotionally and academically. We are here to help you.  

    Parent/Caregiver/ Family Responsibilities

    • Encourage your student to establish and follow daily routines when possible, including breaks between school work.
    • Help your student think about where they can work on their assigned activities.
    • Talk to your student about what they are learning and how they are feeling.
    • Communicate with your student’s teacher(s) and professional support staff and keep them updated about your student’s needs.
    • Communicate your needs with us. We are here to help you, too!

    Preparation for Remote Learning

    We have and will continue to distribute devices and assist with internet access for families throughout the closure. Please complete a device request form and know that you can receive technology assistance by calling the family HELP line at 734-997-1222.

    Supporting Students at Home

    We understand that needs will vary, and on April 13th, we will launch a Remote Learning Resource Center via our website for families to access supports, tools and guidance. We hope this one-stop-shop will be of assistance to our families. You will find suggested schedules and developmentally appropriate guidance for students at all levels, including the importance of daily physical and mental breaks.

    How Instruction Will Look

    The AAPS Continuity Learning Plan (CLP) will provide for forward instruction in all content areas: both core and elective classes and courses. You can expect that we will move forward with the curriculum with the following expectations:

    • Communication Through Learning Platforms: Students will access lessons through their teachers’ classroom platforms (Seesaw, Moodle or Google Classroom). This information is listed by school and teacher here.   Please contact the teacher if you need access to the learning platform.
    • Lesson Chunks:  Teachers will post lessons in reasonable and predictable ways that allow students to move at a pace that works best for them. For middle and high school students, lessons will be posted according to a block schedule.  For elementary students, lessons will be posted for all content areas every week. All lessons will be posted by 8:00 am. 
    • No grades:  According to guidance from the State of Michigan, no formal grades will be taken during this period, but completion of assignments is important to each student’s college and career readiness. For high school credit courses, assignment completion is required to earn credit. 
    • Feedback: Teacher feedback to students is important for student growth.  Teachers will maintain connections through quality feedback for the remainder of the closure. We ask that families make every effort to support their students in accessing and completing assignments and lessons each week. 
    • Teacher Email and Office Hours:  Our teachers will be sharing updates and staying connected with their families. We ask that parents/guardians please use email to send and receive answers to questions. Teachers will also continue to provide office hours to connect with students and families in real-time.

    Social-Emotional Learning Opportunities

    In these difficult times, staying connected and supporting our students’ social-emotional well-being is more important than ever. In addition to academic lessons, students will have regular opportunities to stay engaged with their teachers and classmates and to access social-emotional supports and activities in the ways that best meet their needs. Our teams of school social workers, counselors and specialists have been hard at work building a support system in our virtual setting, and teachers will be able to access lessons and support to assist students during this time. 

    You can expect additional details from your principal(s) and teachers in the coming days.  

    On behalf of each of our AAPS teachers, leaders and staff members, we send our best wishes for your health and safety during this very challenging time.  

    Ms. Dawn Linden
    Assistant Superintendent, Teaching and Learning