Degrees and Certifications:

Laura Wayne

I am an Elementary Visual Art Teacher with an endorsement in Humanities and Special Education (ASD), with a Master of Arts in Teaching and a Masters in Special Education. I am certified to teach K-12 Visual Arts/Humanities and Special Education (ASD). I currently teach Visual Arts, Humanities and STEAM Education at King Elementary implementing the Common Core/STEAM and PBL instruction into my curriculum. In my Visual Art Classroom I use blended learning to give my students an opportunity to explore and experience a broader spectrum of 21st century thinking, learning and skills.

I have five years experience designing and implementing national, state, and local curricular core standards in Visual Arts, Humanities and STEAM Education. I offer an outstanding initiative and self-imposed accountability with demonstrated decision-making and project management skills. I possess team leadership and training through the successful coordination of Ann Arbor Public Schools STEAM initiatives PLC’s, The Ann Arbor Public Schools I-Teach Team and The Ann Arbor Public Schools Arts Integration Team. As a presenter I have participated in Ann Arbor Public Schools and UMS Art Integration Workshop, Ann Arbor Public Schools 1st STEAM Expo and present and Teach at my monthly STEAM PLC’s and I-Teach meetings. I currently attend and participate in MACCUL Conferences and Michigan Art Educators Conferences.

I apply active listening and interpretational feedback while establishing rapport and demonstrating personal relationship skills in understanding the needs and objectives of others. I am a flexible, experienced leader constantly applying and developing knowledge to improve research, investigative, and problem-solving skills. I have taken many computer related courses in Blended Learning and SIOP training for ELA learners to accomplish and develop innovative ideas to overcome barriers and accomplish expected outcomes for my students. As an educator I have built rapport and collaborate with students, families, educators and administrators from a wide range of cultural backgrounds.

In 2014 I was selected by Toyota as part of The AAPS STEAM Development Team that traveled to Singapore to study STEAM Education. In 2013 I was also selected by Toyota National Initiatives in Education For ELL/ESL to travel to Japan to teach, learn and observe Japanese culture. I acquired skills that improved my understanding of my ELL students and their culture, which gave me the opportunity to improve my ELL curriculum.

I am a highly accomplished professional with diverse experience,  exploring opportunities in an alternate professional teaching career field.  My experiences encompasses all that I am and all that I strive to give to my students, my colleagues and community. My innovative, educational, investigative, research and technological proficiencies are what makes me a renaissance educator.