Degrees and Certifications:

Becca Mills

Hi There! 

I began my journey here at King Elementary in 2016. I have experience working at every grade level, in many different classrooms, with most of the teachers, in a variety of capacities. 

I grew up in Michigan, earning my BA from Alma College with a double major in English and Psychology. I’ve studied in Scotland, worked in Downtown Detroit, taught English in Japan, got married and had my son in Virginia, lived in Toronto, and 5 years ago returned to settle in my favorite town of Ann Arbor. 

I love exploring nature and cities by walking. I’m an amateur photographer. I love being outside when it’s not too cold. I love movies, music, farmer’s markets, stories, books, art, and being creative. I love learning new things and lucky me this happens every day at King. I love asking questions and the kids at King have insightful answers. 

Every year I hope to nurture kindness and curiosity.  Every day I am surprised, amused, and enlightened. I am honored and inspired to be a part of this community.