Degrees and Certifications:

Denise de Castro Fernandes


My name is Denise de Castro Fernandes and I am very happy to be part of the King family!
I have loved this community since my children, Andre and Felipe, started Kindergarten in 2016.  While they were King students I had the opportunity to volunteer in different activities, such as chaperoning field trips, assisting in classroom parties and shelving books in the library.  I also worked for PTO-related after-school activities such as the math club, rehearsals for international nights and social events. So, when my kids were in 5th grade, I started my journey as a Teacher Assistant at King!
I live in Ann Arbor with the twins and my husband. We are from São Paulo city (Brazil) and we moved to Ann Arbor in August 2016. We soon fell in love with the city, the welcoming community and the amazing parks.
In São Paulo, I worked as a scientist in a research laboratory in the cardiovascular area. During these years I had the opportunity to mentor students, supervise projects and attend scientific meetings. One of my last projects was the development of a transgenic mice "from scratch", whose descendants are currently being studied in a couple of research laboratories. I have a degree in Chemistry, with a master and Ph.D. in biochemistry.
As a scientist or a teacher, my passion has always been to share knowledge and experiences, in a mutual way. I look forward to another year of amazing learning at King!