• Summer 2023 –Courses available to the Class of 2028 (7th Grade) - Taking for the First Time or Improve a Grade

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    This option is for students in the class of 2028 (7th Grade) who were enrolled in Ann Arbor Public Schools during the 2022-2023 school year and wish to seek new credit or take a course(s) to advance their curriculum. 

    • This option is available to any student enrolled in Ann Arbor Public Schools during the 2022-2023 school year. 
    • AAPS students may choose up to two online classes during the summer term. 
    • The class(es) taken during the summer term will earn both credit and a grade.  There are no extensions or incompletes during the summer term.  There is a drop period that ends 5 days after the course starts.  Please note that withdrawals will not be accepted except in new extenuating circumstances.  Once the drop period has passed, a grade will be earned in the course.  Students need to be committed to learning and not take a course to “try it out”. 
    • The A2 Virtual summer term is 5 weeks long, June 26-July 28, 2023. The Michigan Virtual summer term is 10 weeks long, May 19 - July 28, 2023. 
    • We only recommend one online class during the summer term.   Each online course is considered to average 80-100 hours depending on the student.  We equate that to an average of 15-20 hours per week.  Students taking two courses will be committing to 30-40 hours of studying a week. 

    Summer Options for Non-Ann Arbor Public School Students

    • Students who were not enrolled with Ann Arbor Public Schools during the 2022-2023 school year, homeschool students, and students from outside the district may enroll in up to two online classes each summer.
    • Due to the anticipated high demand for courses by current Ann Arbor Public School students this year, students not currently enrolled will be put on a waiting list and will be notified by June 23 of availability. 
    • A2 Virtual+ will provide an Ann Arbor Public School transcript with a grade for each course completed during the summer term. It is the responsibility of the student and/or parent(s)/guardian(s) to ensure that their district will accept the credit. 


    Available Courses for the Class of 2028  (7th Grade)

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    June 26th - July 28th 


    (Completion of course in parenthesis required to take indicated course) 

    Math courses are also available through the no cost program if the student is currently enrolled in the courseNo Cost Course Information

    • Middle School Courses

      • Math 7B (Math 7A) - ALEKS
    • High School Courses

      • Algebra 1B (AC Algebra 1A or OL Algebra 1A) - ALEKS and Edgenuity
      • Geometry A/B (AC Algebra 1 or OL Algebra 1) - ALEKS and Edgenuity
      • Algebra 2A/2B (AC Algebra 1 or Algebra 1) - ALEKS and Edgenuity
      • Pre-Calculus A/B (AC Algebra 2 or OL Algebra 2) - ALEKS
      • Financial Math A/B (AC Algebra 1) - Edgenuity
      • Math Models and Applications A/B (AC Algebra 1) - Edgenuity

    Science - All High School Courses

    • Biology A/B - APEX and Edgenuity
    • Earth Science A/B - APEX
    • Earth Science: History, Systems, and Sustainability (Only for Students attending Huron) - APEX

    Social Studies - All High School Courses

    • World History A/B - APEX and Edgenuity




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    May 19th - July 28th

    The last day to enroll in Michigan Virtual courses is June 30th at 3 pm.

    (Drop period is 5 days after enrolling)


     The following courses are available through Michigan Virtual School for the summer term.  

    Science - All High School Courses

    Biology A/B
    Earth Science A/B 

    Mathematics - All High School Courses

    Algebra 1 A/B (Math 7)
    Algebra 2 A/B (AC Algebra 1 or OL Algebra 1)
    Geometry A/B (AC Algebra 1 or OL Algebra 1)
    Calculus A/B (Pre-Calculus)
    Mathematics of Baseball (AC Algebra 1 or OL Algebra 1)
    Mathematics of Personal Finance (AC Algebra 1 or OL Algebra 1)
    Pre-Calculus A/B (AC Algebra 2 or OL Algebra 2)

    World Language - All High School Courses

    American Sign Language 1 A/B
    American Sign Language 2 A/B
    French 1 A/B
    French 2 A/B
    French 3 A/B
    German 1 A/B
    German 2 A/B
    Japanese 1  A/B
    Japanese 2  A/B
    Latin 1 A/B
    Latin 2 A/B
    Spanish 1 A/B
    Spanish 2 A/B
    Spanish 3 A/B
    Spanish 4 A/B


    Accounting A/B
    Advanced Programming: Mobile Apps and Game Design
    Advanced Web Design: JavaScript
    African American History
    Anthropology I: Uncovering Human Mysteries
    Archeology: Detectives of the Past
    Basic Web Design: HTML & CSS
    Business Ethics
    Digital Information Technology A/B
    Digital Photography
    Economics of Personal Finance
    Film Studies: American Film Survey
    Foundations of Programming A/B
    Guitar 1A/1B
    Guitar 2A/2B
    Hospitality and Tourism: Traveling the Globe
    Java Programming A/B
    Java Script Game Design
    Medical Terminology
    Music Appreciation: Odyssey
    Mythology and Folklore: Legendary Tales
    Native American History 
    Philosophy: The Big Picture
    Procedural Programming
    Social Media
    Sociology I: Introduction to Sociology
    Sociology II: Social Problems
    Sports and Entertainment Marketing
    Visual Art Comprehension
    World Religions: Exploring Diversity