• This is an enrollement survey for [child name] for the 2020-21 school year from the Ann Arbor Public Schools.
    **Please note that you will recieve a separate survey message for each child.

    We ask that our AAPS families register for one of three online learning options below within the registration window:  July 30 – August 10.

    1) A2 Student Link - Fully Online, Online Community Option:

    • 100% online learning opportunity
    • Young 5s/ Kindergarten - 12th Grade
    • Students attend online courses with AAPS teachers and other students from across the AAPS.
    • This option is intended for families desiring a full year of online instruction in a fully online learning community.  As we proceed through the phases of reopening, students will remain fully online.  Families choosing this option may apply to return to neighborhood school programming at the semester break.
    [LINK to FAQS]

    2) A2 Classroom Connect - Fully Online Moving to In-Person Option , Neighborhood School Community Option:

    • Online learning to blended learning opportunity
    • Preschool/Kindergarten - 12th Grade
    • Students attend classes with AAPS teachers and peers as a part of their neighborhood school.
    • As we proceed through the phases of reopening, students are expected to start the year online and will move to in-person instruction at the neighborhood school later in the year.  Families may also choose to remain fully online, participating with other students according to specified schedules.
    • This option is intended for families who will return to in-person instruction when it is safe to do so. This option is also intended for families who may have fluid health needs who require the option to remain online with their assigned class(es) and teacher(s).
    [LINK to FAQS]

    3) A2 Virtual+ Academy - Fully Online, Self-paced Option:

    • 100% online learning
    • Kindergarten - 12th Grade
    • Students participate in self-paced, asynchronous, individualized courses supported by an A2 Virtual+ Academy teacher providing assignment feedback and office hours.
    • Families choosing this option will set their own learning schedule. We encourage families choosing this option to connect with other families also engaging in A2Virtual+ to form local online study groups.
    • This option is intended for families desiring students to engage at their own pace with all curriculum fully available.
    [LINK to FAQS]
    Your responses are important to us. To record your preferences please follow the link below or copy and paste the link into your web browser.

    Thank you,
    Ann Arbor Public Schools