Elementary Options for 2020

Elementary Reimagine Launch FAQs

  • What is the daily elementary schedule?

  • Will the elementary schedule have my students on a “screen” all day long?

  • How does the school day start each day during online learning (for A2 Classroom Connect and A2 Student Link)?

  • I want to help get my child prepared for fall learning and understanding more about Schoology. Where can I learn more?

  • How will students be successfully oriented to online learning this fall?

  • If our family chooses A2 Student link, is it possible to change?

  • If our family chooses A2 Classroom Connect, will we be forced to send our child back to school in-person?

  • If our family is interested in A2 Virtual, where can we find out more information?

  • If our family wants to change the choice that they made (for example, chose A2 Student link and would now prefer A2 Classroom Connect), is this possible?

Elementary Sample Online Schedule

  • click on image for PDF version
    Elementary schedule graphic

Preschool Sample Online Schedule

  • click on image for PDF version
    Preschool schedule graphic