Middle School Options for 2020

Middle School FAQs

  • What factors were considered in creating a common daily schedule and school-year calendar for the middle schools?

  • What is the daily middle school schedule?

  • Will middle school still have an advisory for students?

  • Why did the middle school move to a block schedule?

  • Will the middle school schedule have my child on a screen the entire school day?

  • If I sign up for A2 Student Link can I change it if students return back to school?

  • If I choose A2 Classroom Connect and I'm not comfortable sending my child back to school, will I be forced to send him/her in person?

  • When some middle school students of the A2 Classroom Connect group return to the classroom, will the remaining students participate virtually in the classroom sessions?

MS Sample Online Schedule

  • click on image for PDF version
    MS schedule graphic