Degrees and Certifications:

Robert Oden

Robert Oden

 13 years in Education University of Michigan - BA, Kinesiology. Minor Mathematics. Dual Enrolled in the School of Education

 University of Detroit Mercy - MA, School Counseling. LLPC

Youngest of 4 and the dream was to be an educator (like my siblings), then the dream later switched (like any other young child) to wanting to play ball. I always wanted to have influence through sports and of course make a lot of money doing it. But then I realized that happiness comes from indulging in something that you love in which no dollar amount can compare. Although I am not playing ball on a professional football field, I am still able to engage in the competitive nature that the education realm offers. Just like a professional athlete - I am still changing lives, I am still making an impact, and I am still acting as someone's hero/idol. So in essence, I believe that I am extremely wealthy because I simply love what I do. I love my lifestyle. I love who I've become; and most importantly, I love aiding in the change of the youth. Working with and cultivating the youth is what I genuinely enjoy and the reward is infinite. I am in the business of building human beings and because of that I wake up with a level of enthusiasm each and every day