Flipgrid App Information

  • This year we’ll be working with an exciting new tool to increase student engagement in our classes! Your child will be using an App called Flipgrid to participate in school related activities, and it is already downloaded on their AAPS device. Flipgrid is the leading video discussion platform used by tens of millions of PreK to PhD educators, students, and families in more than 180 countries. Flipgrid allows teachers to spark a classroom discussion by providing a platform for your child to share short video responses based on questions posed by me, the teacher. This will help create an inclusive dialogue and engage with them in a fun and meaningful way. 

    Some apps such as Flipgrid require parent/guardian permission and we are hoping all families will approve Flipgrid app usage. 

    Please review Flipgrid’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy (https://legal.flipgrid.com/). In order to use Flipgrid some personal information about your child may be collected, but this information will be protected as Flipgrid describes in their Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Please select "yes" on the Google form you've been sent by school to indicate you’ve read this and allow your child to participate.