Reimagine Learning Update November 13th

  • AAPS Reimagine Learning Update
    November 13th

    Hello AAPS Parents, Students, Staff and Community,

    We express much gratitude to all in the AAPS for the ongoing hard work, patience and support of each other as we move through this challenging fall COVID season. Our AAPS students and staff, parents and community continue to work together to partner and connect, even while physically apart, so that we continue to serve our students. 

    Safety Net and Supports for Students and Families

    The Ann Arbor Public Schools team continues work to extend a safety net to students and families impacted by COVID-19, including food distribution, technology and connectivity and community health support. Food distribution continues at more than 20 sites on Mondays and Thursdays. Full details on the food distribution program are available here.

    Reimagine Learning Plan, Fall 2020 Update

    At this week’s Board of Education meeting, we shared an update on the Reimagine Learning/Extended Continuity of Learning Plan, Fall 2020, in four parts, focused on the many ways we are working to support students. Video of the introduction to the AAPS Update and Student Supports is available here. The segment on Supports for Students with Special Needs is available here. The third part focused on Supports Through Volunteers is available here. The Health Update Recommendation and Next Steps are available here. Reimagine Learning Plan presentations to the Board of Education are available here.

    COVID-19 Metrics Dashboard Update

    Our weekly update of the COVID-19 Metrics Dashboard was published today and can be viewed here.

    As we continue to see rapidly rising COVID infection rates in Washtenaw County and across Michigan, we recognize that we each play a critical role in mitigating the pandemic. These essentials are more important now than ever. Wearing our masks, avoiding gatherings and crowds, and watching our distance (6ft) when interacting with those from outside our home family unit are the fundamentals of daily living that we all know well and must continue to practice faithfully, despite the inevitable pandemic fatigue. 

    Thank you for your support of our students and of the Ann Arbor Public Schools. 


    Jeanice Kerr Swift
    Superintendent of Schools
    Ann Arbor Public Schools