Class of 2023
  • When you are considering which of the IB Options will be the best fit for you in 11th and 12th grade, we suggest that you begin by looking at the Huron Gradutation Requirements.  

    Begin with this Graduation Requirements document.  

    Once you have a clear picture of what is required for graduation, you can use this worksheet to help you see what you still need to complete.  The solid boxes are required for graduation from AAPS.  The dashed boxes are required at Huron for IB (Personal Project) or recommended for most colleges.  For example, the graduation requirement is 2 years of a World Language, but it's recommended to take more.  When you work through this worksheet, mark the classes that you took and passed and those that are in progress or scheduled for next semester, you can mark differently.  This will give you a good picture of what you need to complete in 11th and 12th grades.

    Remember, many of the IB Diploma Program (DP) classes grant credit toward graduation.  Be sure to speak with the IB Coordinator and/or your counselor and look at our information sheets to consider these as you make your course selections.