CP/DP Options Night (2.15.2022)

  • This annual event is a unique opportunity targeting 10th graders and their families that would like to learn more about the IB Options in 11th and 12th grades.  As sophomores, you are completing the IB Middle Years Program and will be making a decision to continue your IB learning in 11th and 12th grades.  You have the opportunity to enter into the full Diploma Program (DP), full Career-related Program (CP), or elect any IB Diploma Program course without entering either program (called an IB Course Student).  Please look to information on these choices through the menu bar to the left of this screen.

    IB Options Night is an evening where you can meet with teachers of these classes as well as current students in the programs and get your questions answered!

  • Schedule and links to plan your evening.


    6:30 - 7:00pm  IB Options in 11/12th grade Presentation to Families

    The IB Facilitator will present an overview of the IB Options in 11th and 12th grades at Huron High School.  This presentation is aimed for families of 10th graders.  All 10th grade students have seen this presentation.  We will cover:

    • The IB Diploma Program (DP)
    • The IB Career-related Program (CP)
    • IB Course Students
    • Finding your “best fit”

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    7:00-8:00 - 10 Minute Drop In Conversations

    CP and DP Teachers are available in 10 minute blocks to talk about their classes, curriculum, assessment, expectations and recognition.

    IB Facilitators (Mrs. James and Mr. Karr) and Guidance Counselors are also available during this time.

    Please sign in to your choice of the following sessions:

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    8:00-8:15pm - Students Interest Form Submission

    Before logging off for the evening, students should complete this form to indicate your interest in IB programs at this point.

    Exit Survey (inactive)


    Schedule a meeting with Ms. James

    When students are ready to talk about their schedules for next year, they can schedule an appointment 1 on 1 with the IB Facilitator, their Guidance Counselor, or both!  
    For students that want to meet with Ms. James, the IB Coordinator, please use this link to schedule a time.  Students can meet in person at Huron in the IB Office (room 6158) and families are welcome to join via Zoom at the same time.  
    If you are interested in your family meeting together in the evening, you are welcome and encouraged to schedule 20 minutes consecutive appointments during Parent Teacher Conferences on either March 3rd (5-8pm) or March 8th (3:30-6:30pm) using that separate Signup Genius link when it is available.  

Brief video introductions to our IB Diploma and Career-related Program courses and components.