Visitor Safety iPass Protocol

  • Visitor Safety iPass Protocol - Spring 2021

    AAPS will use the Visitor CrisisGo Safety iPass protocol for visiting staff (WISD, Student Teachers, Interns, etc) and for staff you hire that may not have an AAPS email (lunch room supervisors). No other visitors are allowed in the schools this spring until further notice.

    Each school will receive set of posters that contain a unique QR code and URL specific to each school. Please place the poster in your main entrance door. Instruct these staff to enter only at this door.

    They need to use the QR code or enter the URL prior to coming into the school. The QR code and URL take them to the same Safety iPass check in questionnaire that all staff answer daily. They can bookmark the URL for easy daily access.

    If these staff go between schools they need to do the same process before entering other schools. We will share this information with these groups.

    If one of these visitors does not have a cell phone they can utilize the URL at home to answer the questions before they arrive to school.

    The same instructions for AAPS staff are required of these visitors. 

    Here is a breakdown of the Safety iPass entry badges:

    GREEN – Allowed Entry into school

    • Not COVID-19 positive, no COVID symptoms, no temperature, not near COVID confirmed person in last 14 days.

    YELLOW – Quarantine – DO NOT enter school

    • COVID-19 symptoms or exposure to COVID confirmed positive person in the past 14 days.

    RED – AT RISK – DO NOT enter school

    • COVID-19 positive cases – do not enter school or grounds.
    • Please fill out AAPS Positive Case Form if the staff member was in a school in the past two days.
    • A school nurse or health specialists will contact them.

    Remember – Each time prior to entering a school campus, it is required that these visitors use the safety check-in tool and then press the entrance buzzer confirming they have completed the Safety iPass questionnaire. Their completed questionnaire will appear in the school dashboard under the Visitor tab.

    Here's is the Visitor quick training video. It needs to be played in Chrome.