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    Personal Fitness (June 26th - July 28th) 


    Course Syllabus

    Course Name: Personal Fitness

    Credit: 0.5

    Completion Time: 5 Weeks

    Proctoring Requirement for this Course:
    • Each student will be required to participate in one in-person session during either week 1 or week 5 of the Summer Term. 
      • This will meet the proctoring requirement for this class.
      • Dress for activity, wear gym shoes, and bring a water bottle.
    • Dates for these sessions (students must attend ONE of the following):
      • Monday, June 26: 5:30-7pm
      • Tuesday, June 27: 9-10:30am
      • Wednesday, July 26: 5:30-7pm
      • Thursday, July 27: 9-10:30am
    Course Description

    In this Personal Fitness course, students are required to participate in weekly cardiovascular, flexibility and strength and endurance activities. Students who are unable to participate in such physical exercises will be unable to complete the requirements of this course.

    Personal Fitness combines the best of online instruction with actual student participation in weekly cardiovascular, aerobic, and muscle toning activities. The course promotes a keen understanding of the value of physical fitness and aims to motivate students to participate in physical activities throughout their lives. Specific areas of study include: Cardiovascular exercise and care, safe exercising, building muscle strength and endurance, injury prevention, fitness skills and FITT benchmarks, goal setting, nutrition and diet (vitamins and minerals, food labels, evaluation product claims), and stress management. Successful completion of this course will require parent/legal guardian sign-off on student-selected physical activities and on weekly participation reports to verify the student is meeting his or her requirements and responsibilities.

    Lesson 1: Online P.E.
    Lesson 2: Fitness Logs
    Lesson 3: Warm It Up, Cool It Down
    Lesson 4: Setting Fitness Goals
    Lesson 5: Career and Educational Options
    Lesson 6: P.E. Designed for Me Wrap-Up

    Lesson 1: Your Fitness Needs
    Lesson 2: Safety Factors
    Lesson 3: Don't Hurt Yourself
    Lesson 4: Health Practices
    Lesson 5: Is My Body Good to Go? Wrap-Up

    Lesson 1: Work Your Heart Out
    Lesson 2: Join the Team
    Lesson 3: Team Concepts
    Lesson 4: Sportsmanship
    Lesson 5: Great for the Heart Wrap-Up

    Lesson 1: Muscle Madness
    Lesson 2: Time for Anaerobic
    Lesson 3: Individual Sports
    Lesson 4: Sports Downfalls
    Lesson 5: Fit as a Fiddle Wrap-Up

    Lesson 1: Outdoor Fitness Fun
    Lesson 2: Have Fun and Be Careful

    Course Objectives

    Outcomes of the Personal Fitness Course:

    • Give students the knowledge and desire to establish personal health and fitness programs.
    • Educate and motivate students to want to stay physically active and make healthy lifestyle choices far beyond their high school years.
    • Help students realize that regular physical activity will increase their energy level and productivity.
    • Provide safe, challenging, and enjoyable activities that will allow students to assess and evaluate their lifestyles.
    • Help students to realize that personal fitness is just that personal and that their bodies will not be compared to others in any way.
    • Help students understand the value of participating in physical activity to promote psychological well-being.
    • Help students develop positive attitudes about their physical self-images because they will be making improvements in their programs and lifestyles.
    • Give students the confidence to take control of many aspects of their lives
    Grading Policy

    Grades will be based upon the quality of the student submissions, participation in discussions, and the ability to maintain consistent communication with the instructor. The grading scale that is used for this course is as follows: 

    A 90-100 
    B 80-89 
    C 70-79 
    D 60-69
    E 59 or below 

    All forms of academic dishonesty are prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, plagiarism, cheating, furnishing false information, forgery, alteration or misuse of documents or software, and misconduct during a testing situation. Any student cheating on an exam will receive a zero on the exam and may be withdrawn from the class at the instructor's discretion.