About the AAPS COVID-19 Case Dashboard

  • dashboard iconIn addition to direct communication about COVID-19 cases at the building level, this dashboard provides a weekly snapshot of all cases across district buildings and departments.

    Who is Included

    For this dashboard to be accurate, students (or their families) and staff must immediately report a positive test result to their school principal or supervisor. This dashboard contains COVID-19 cases that are self-reported by students, staff, or others, or are reported to AAPS by the Washtenaw County Health Department (WCHD).

    The district case investigation process, conducted in consultation with the WCHD, determines if an individual was on a school campus during their infectious period. Only individuals who were on a school campus during their infectious period are included.

    Students and staff who contract COVID-19 but have not been on a school campus during their infectious period are considered community cases, and are included in health department reporting but not school district reporting.

    Cases are reported in 3 categories:

    • Students: Preschool - 12th grade students
    • Staff: Any employee who works regularly with students
    • Other: Contractors and others who have limited contact with students

    Note: "Other" includes transportation, custodial, and food service workers.
    This dashboard reports cases, not connections among cases.

    Timing of Updates

    • This dashboard will be updated weekly on Fridays with case data that is confirmed at the end of the school day on Thursday.
    • Cases reported after the end of the school day on Thursday will be included on the following week’s dashboard.
    • The dashboard will not be updated during school breaks and holidays.

    As COVID-19 information and guidance changes throughout the year, this dashboard may be modified.