AAPS COVID-19 Case Notification Process

  • COVID-19 Case Notification Process 
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    Friday, September 3, 2021

    The Ann Arbor Public Schools has clear COVID-19 case notification and communication steps for COVID-19 cases in our schools, which includes the following steps; 

    • notifying individuals identified as “close contacts,”
    • notifying the classroom or group/school community in a notification letter, and
    • posting the notification letter to the school website.

    These notification and communication steps are coordinated by the AAPS School Nurse or health team member, working in direct consultation with the Washtenaw County Health Department (WCHD) team, and the school principal. 

    For the above steps to be completed as quickly as possible, it is essential that parents immediately report a student’s positive COVID-19 test to the school principal by calling the school office and/or emailing their student’s teacher and principal.  In the case of student-athletes, this information may be reported to the coach, who will report to the athletic director. 

    After the school receives notification of a case, the district case investigation process, conducted in consultation with the WCHD, determines if the individual was on a school campus during their infectious period. Only individuals who were on a school campus during their infectious period are included.

    AAPS District COVID-19 Dashboard

    In addition to the communication steps listed above, the district AAPS dashboard will be updated each Friday with COVID-19 cases from across the district reported through the end of the school day each Thursday. COVID-19 cases will be updated by school, level, and other groups, to consistently update the AAPS community of COVID-19 cases and exposure in our schools.

    Limitations of Michigan school reporting 

    Students and staff who contract COVID-19 but have not been on a school campus during their infectious period are considered community cases, and are included in health department reporting but not school district reporting. As stated above, only individuals who were on a school campus while contagious are included in the school notification and the district dashboard. 

    For more information, and to see all cases reported for Washtenaw County, including cases by zip code, age, and other demographics, visit the Washtenaw County Health Department’s case reporting page:


    Other sources of COVID-19 case information: