• Dear Burns Park Families, 

    Thank you for another amazing week at our school.

    I want to especially thank Char Carne for all the work she has done as our building, special education PAC facilitator. Tuesday, the many student participants in our school’s Peer to Peer support program, celebrated their friendships with a pizza party in the auditorium. Adult volunteers, and building and district staff from our special education department, joined in the fun.

    Char and Laura Hayden also met with me this week to plan for an expansion of this program, which is designed as an intentional way to teach relationship skills and facilitate friendships in a manner that aligns with our Responsive Classroom model for building strong and positive classroom communities. We hope to extend our P2P programming next year to every classroom in order to provide this extra bit of teaching and learning, for all.

    Thanks also to Mr. Leonard and the many, many, parent volunteers who planned and implemented our amazing Burns Park Field Day. I have no doubt that we are creating lifetime “best-memories” for our children. It was lovely to see the wonder in their eyes as they entered school grounds in the morning and to watch the fun that they had with their classmates and teachers, and our parent and family volunteers, on this special day.

    On Friday afternoon we enjoyed a short assembly to recognize everyone’s contribution, students and parent volunteers alike, for another meaningful and engaging Science Olympiad season. We reminded students that the learning and success that occurred this year were the result of each and every participant’s contribution. We also talked about some of the problems that we face as a human family and the important difference our children’s capacity for rigor and creativity in scientific understanding and endeavor will make in meeting these challenges in the coming years!

    We’re looking forward to assemblies tomorrow when the school logo that students have collaborated on, with Brian Bennett’s design team, will be unveiled and each student receives a Burns Park t-shirt and a copy of our new yearbook. We’ll be convening to Magic Mountain at 3:15 for a whole-school, group photo, by land and by air! A special thank you to Brian, and to Alisse Portnoy for all of your hard work in bringing this about.

    Friday our 5th graders will celebrate their years in, and graduation from, Burns Park Elementary School and many families will celebrate the school year later, with a campfire and then camp out in the park.

    We are celebrating our life together as a school community in so many special ways and all of them are possible because of the investments that you make in time and resources for our children. Once again, I say “thank you” for making Burns Park such a special place. It’s going to be a great week at Burns Park Elementary School. I hope to see you soon.

    Your Principal,

    Chuck Hatt