Extensions are intended for students who had an illness or extenuating circumstance during the term that caused them to deviate from the pacing chart.  Students need to show weekly equivalent work for all weeks that are outside of the extenuating circumstance.  Verbal agreements with instructors will NOT be honored.  Official requests must be submitted using the Extension Request Form.  Requests, including a signed plan of work completion, must be submitted by the stated deadline (two weeks prior to the end of the term) to the A2 Virtual+ principal to be considered. 

    Normal extensions are for one to two weeks.

    Extensions are only considered for students that have:

    • earned 45-59% of total number of mastered topics (ALEKS)
    • earned 45-59% of total points in course
    • worked consistently in the course (minumum of 5 hours per week)


    If an extenuating circumstance arises:

    • The parent/guardian and/or the student must contact the A2 Virtual+ instructor as listed in PowerSchool.  
    • The instructor should be notified of the circumstance, how long the student will be away from coursework, and expected date of return.  
    • If the absence is due to a medical situation, the instructor and principal of A2 Virtual+ should be contacted as soon as possible and provided a doctor's note.

    Extensions are not granted to students in grade 5-8 who have taken more than one math class in a semester.  Student and parent sign a contract in agreement that the course would be completed by the end of the term.


    Michigan Virtual Courses

    Extension requests for Michigan Virtual classes are at the discretion of the Michigan Virtual Instructor and need to be made through the A2 Virtual+ mentor. 


    Last updated May 1st, 2019