Statement from AAPD and Washtenaw County Sheriff's Office

  • The Ann Arbor Police Department and the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office offer our sincere condolences and respect to the victims and families of the tragic events in Oxford Michigan. We would like to ensure our community that both the AAPD and WCSO are committed to partnering with the Ann Arbor Public Schools, our local law enforcement partners, and the other school districts within our community to provide the safest learning environment possible.

    For several years your local police agencies and school districts within Washtenaw County have operated in a coordinated manner concerning active aggressor threat situations.

    • In 2013 we began implementing the ALICE active aggressor training throughout Washtenaw County. Every school district and every police agency participate in these trainings and we have trained thousands of staff, students, and community members.
    • Since 2014 all law enforcement agencies within Washtenaw County follow the same policy as it relates to active aggressor threat situations. A unified policy across each agency ensures all law enforcement staff respond in a unified way.
    • All law enforcement agencies have participated in joint active aggressor threat training for their staff. This means that regardless of which police agency responds to a situation, the officers showing up will have been trained and will be responding in a unified way. The most recent round of active aggressor training for police in Washtenaw County is currently taking place.

    It is also important for people to understand that any threat to school safety or school personnel will be fully investigated by law enforcement. A threat relayed online or in person, whether real or otherwise is a serious criminal offense and the law enforcement community will pursue the appropriate avenues to identify and criminally charge those responsible.

    If you see something say something! However, we ask that you do NOT re-post or forward threats on e-mail or social media. If you or your child observe or hear threats or concerning behaviors surrounding school safety, please do not hesitate to contact your local police by calling 911. The Ann Arbor police can also be reached at 734-994-2911.