• Attendance

    Attendance Policy-Mandatory

    Attendance is taken every Wednesday during the term.  This is a mandatory requirement of the State of Michigan and we are audited twice a year to ensure that two-way communication between the instructor and student has occurred.  The State of Michigan has determined that an attendance prompt for all online classes will indicate that there is two-way communication,

    Online attendance is done when a student answers the prompt that is given for the week in each class in Schoology.  Students must answer the prompt.  The prompt opens at 12:01 am and closes at 11:59 pm each Wednesday.  Teachers will respond to each student no later than Monday of the following week.  

    The reason that attendance is Wednesday is that the State of Michigan has defined online weeks as starting on Wednesday and ending on Tuesday.  

    Attendance will be recorded in PowerSchool each Monday.  Students who do not complete the prompt will have "UNV", unverified, in PowerSchool.  You can check each Tuesday to see if the student has completed the attendance assignment.

    For example:

          The week of January 26, 2022, runs from Wednesday, January 26, 2022, through Tuesday, February 1, 2022.

          Students need to complete the attendance response on Wednesday, January 22nd between 12:01 am and 11:59 pm.  Teachers will review what the student has written and respond back to the student no later than Monday, January 31st.  If a student did not answer the attendance prompt a mark of "unv" will be recorded on Monday, January 31st in each student's PowerSchool account. 

    Other codes that will be used and what they stand for is as follows:

    1. UNV - Unverified (Absent)
    2. CA- Course Activity Completed
    3. LA- Lesson Activity
    4. FF - Face-to-Face (Zoom)
    5. PH -  Phone Call
    6. EM -  Email
    7. IM  - Instant Message

    Completing the attendance prompt on Wednesday will be recorded as "CA" (#2).   This is the preferred method.  However, due to extenuating circumstances, teachers may reach out to students and the other codes can be used.  If a teacher cannot make any connection with a student in the week (Wednesday-Tuesday), then "UNV" will be used.

    It is important to know if a teacher has an additional requirement for attendance.  Some, but not all, teachers have given points for students who complete attendance on Wednesday to encourage students to consistently complete this activity.  If a teacher gives students points toward the final grade, it will be clearly stated in the orientation and also in grade weighting and on the Schoology class page.

    Regardless of whether points are given or not, this is a mandatory requirement of A2Virtual+.  It is a statement that students initial as a responsibility they agree to complete each Wednesday.