Degrees and Certifications:

Candace O'Leary

Candace O’Leary (Visual and Applied Arts Educator) has taught Visual Art Education since 2009. She started her teaching career in Detroit but moved to Seattle after two years. While in Seattle, Candace earned her Masters in Art Education with a Curriculum Leadership Specialization, and was soon after made Department Chair of the Arts in her school. After teaching for five years in Seattle, she moved back home to Detroit to start a family. After taking a brief break from teaching, she has built a loving family with her partner, step-daughter and son and of course fur babies as well. Candace came back to teaching in 2019 at The Roeper School, then moved to the Grosse Pointe District and has now found herself a home in the Ann Arbor School district where she very much hopes to stay. Candace holds a BA in Art History from Oakland University, an MA in Art Education from Boston University and gained her Post Bacc Studio Teaching Certificate from Oakland University as well.