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  • Most Commonly Asked Questions!


    Where do I start?


    1. Go to Schoology and Click on your online class

    2. Watch the Orientation & complete the attached assignment

    3. Log on to your Learning Platform (Edgenuity, Apex, Aleks, MVU, etc) to start learning!



    Who is my Counselor?     


    You have 2 Counselors!


    Building Counselor 

    You are still connected to the school that were originally enrolled in, so you still have a Building Counselor. 

    They will help you to choose your courses whether they are online or in-person.

    They will help with college applications, emotional & mental support, and career planning. 


    A2V+ Counselor

    They help you with how to navigate your online classes and communicate with online teachers. 

    They will help with creating a weekly study schedule.


    When do I do my online schoolwork?

    Students are encouraged to set up a weekly study schedule. Each online class takes 90-100 hours to complete. This is 5 hours per week for each class. If you need help, the A2V+ Counselors are available. Email them to set up an appointment. 


    Where can I go to ask questions?

    Is the question about your online course?

    Rewatch the Orientation for your online class
    Email your Online Teacher for specifics

    Is the question about which online course you should take?

    Email your Building Counselor

    Is the question about navigating your online class?

    Email your Online Teacher or your A2V+ Counselor

    Is the question about how to structure your time?

    Email your Building or A2V+ Counselor


    Is the question about your Chromebook?

    Email or Call the IT Department Help Desk


    How do I submit my classwork?

    Each Learning Platform is different, so you should:

    Rewatch the Orientation for each online class
    Contact your Online Teacher if you have questions


    Where are my grades?

    Your official grades are posted in PowerSchool. Some Learning Platforms have a grading system. Grades in the Learning Platforms are not the official place for your final grades.



    Do I need to complete an OSA?     

    The A2V+ OSA has to be filled out by students taking 3 or more online courses. This needs to be completed before Student Count. Here is the link: A2V+ OSA

    Your home school building of residency will also ask you to complete EDP can be filled out when your Building Counselor sends you an email. Sometimes, the Building EDPs are completed later in the school year.