Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Allan Loeb

My name is Allan Loeb and I'm the A2Virtual + Academy middle school counselor. I began working with A2Virtual in January, 2018. Before that, I was the middle school counselor at Ann Arbor Open @ Mack for more than thirteen years.
I have taught at all three instructional levels, at King, Forsythe, Clague, and Tappan, as well as three separate one year assignments at Pioneer. My work at the secondary level has been primarily in US history, US government (civics), and law, with much briefer assignments in English and Spanish. Meanwhile, I worked at WCC as a part-time math instructor for more than twenty years.
My goal is to give the best possible information and suggestions to students (and parents) interested in taking A2Virtual classes. I enjoy working with students and parents to create plans that maximize the benefits of a partial or total A2Virtual schedule. I encourage students and parents to contact me with questions or concerns.