• Ann Arbor Parent Advisory Committee for Special Education (AAPAC)
      AAPAC is a group of parents or guardians whose focus is on supporting children in AAPS who have IEPs or 504 Plans.

      email: aapacexecboard (at) groups.io
      PTOC Rep - Caryn Gehrke

    • AAPS Arab-American Advisory Group
      Offers resources and events to enhance inclusion and broader knowledge of Arab American history and culture within school spaces and curricula; and provides support and advocacy for Arab American families within AAPS


    • Asian, Pacific Islander, South Asian/American (APISA/A)
      Formed in May 2021 to support Asian* families within AAPS.  APISA/A provides an environment for openly sharing our hopes, needs, concerns, and challenges as community members in Ann Arbor, particularly related to equity and inclusion for APISA/A students and families. Serves as a resource to help APISA/A students and families, particularly those new to the area, learn how to access and navigate AAPS services 

      email: a2apisaa (at) gmail.com

    • District Wide Black Parents Student Support Group (BPSSG)
      BPSSG is a collaborative and supportive vehicle for African-American and under-represented minority students and their parents.  It fosters strong, meaningful alliances with schools to encourage academic excellence, leadership skills, cultural awareness, pride and respect, and problem solving. The main priority is the education of all students, with special emphasis on the education of African-American and under-represented minority students so that they will attain their full educational potential.
      email: dwbpssg (at) gmail.com