COVID & Health Guidance

  • AAPS COVID Information and Protocols for 2023-24

    Including School-Day and After School/Evening Activities

    COVID Prevention in AAPS

    COVID continues to circulate in the community and we can expect some cases to occur during the school year. 

    The Washtenaw County Health Department (WCHD) recommends the following five strategies for reducing the risk of COVID transmission in school settings. These strategies can help prevent other respiratory illnesses. 

    • Staying home when sick. See When to Keep Your Child Home from School

    • Be sure to Stay Up-to-date with COVID-19 Vaccines, influenza (flu), and all immunizations. Reach out to your student’s healthcare provider with questions.

    • Get tested if you have symptoms. Local COVID Testing Locations

    • Masking is always welcome when individuals have respiratory symptoms. See more information below.

    • Increased ventilation in school buildings. In AAPS, air filters in all HVAC equipment continue to be changed 3 times per year throughout the district. Air purifiers that were deployed as part of the initial COVID response are still in place.  


    For Parents/Guardians, Staff, and Volunteers at AAPS 

    • Parents/guardians, staff, and volunteers must report COVID cases to the district as soon as possible using the appropriate  form. Information is kept confidential and only used for outbreak monitoring.  

    • Be sure to report your student’s absence due to any illness to your school office.

    • Read What to Do if You Test Positive for information on caring for a sick person, isolation and returning to school or work. 

    • If there is a cluster of COVID cases at school, an outbreak investigation will occur in consultation with the WCHD. Parents/guardians, staff, and volunteers will be informed via email if an outbreak occurs in their classroom, team, or activity.

    • Schools may have home rapid antigen tests to send home if there are clusters or concerns. 


    Indoor Masking for Students, Staff, and Volunteers

    • While masks are not required, AAPS continues to be “mask friendly” to anyone who wishes to wear a mask. 

    • Consider wearing a mask when any respiratory symptoms are present. 

    • For those who are able,* masking is strongly recommended when:

      1. A student or staff is a household or personal/social contact of a positive case,

      2. Returning to activity after COVID isolation, 

      3. A period of higher hospital admission levels occurs,

      4. An outbreak occurs. 

    *Excluding children under 2 and those with certain conditions that make it difficult to mask.


    Updated August 2023 - Information will be revised as needed per state/local guidance

    For More Information 

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