COVID-19 Case Reporting 2022-23

  • We are grateful and excited to share that our AAPS schools will be fully open for academic, enrichment and community activities during this 2022-2023 school year. The goal is to keep students learning in school while balancing the risks of illness and transmission among students and staff at school. You may view the AAPS Fall 2022 COVID-19 Health Guidance here.

    We have worked over previous weeks to align our AAPS student and staff COVID case reporting with the adjusted requirements of reporting to the Washtenaw County Health Department for this school year. 

    This message contains information about weekly case reports, biweekly outbreak reports, and additional communication to parents and the broader AAPS community. 

    Our 22-23 AAPS COVID-19 Dashboard page shares weekly case reports and biweekly outbreak reports. 

    About the COVID-19 Case Weekly Dashboard

    The weekly case dashboard provides a tally of student and staff/volunteer cases that have been reported to AAPS by the previous Thursday. The notes below contain important clarifying information about the process of reporting. 

    • AAPS staff and students (parents/guardians) must report when a positive case is confirmed using the appropriate link below. The weekly dashboard contains cases reported through these forms. 

    Student COVID report link

    Staff/Volunteer COVID report link

    • The What to Do If You Test Positive guidance document provides more information about reporting, isolation and masking.  

    • The weekly dashboard contains all cases that were reported, whether or not an individual was on campus while infectious.

    • The dashboard includes cases from mid-day Thursday to mid-day Thursday of the following week.

    • Outbreaks will be reported biweekly (see below).

    About the COVID-19 Case Biweekly Outbreak Report 

    The AAPS COVID Response Team monitors student and staff cases across the district every day, looking for potential clusters of cases. Their response protocol aims to prevent or contain outbreaks as quickly as possible. 

    • AAPS is required to report school ‘outbreaks’ to the Washtenaw County Health Department. 

    • WCHD defines an outbreak as 20% or more of a group (classroom, team or other groups) who have tested positive within a 7-day period. An outbreak can contain any combination of student and staff cases.

    • In some circumstances, such as a small, self-contained special education classroom, an ‘outbreak’ can be as few as 2 or 3 individuals. 

    • Outbreaks are reported biweekly because the 7-day time period may include dates that overlap with the weekly report. 

    COVID Communication in the AAPS

    Notice of 10% and 20% Confirmed Cases: Students or staff members who are members of a group that reaches a 10% or 20% positive case threshold within 7 days will receive direct email communication with guidance as to the next steps that should be taken. These steps may include specific directions regarding elevated monitoring, testing and/or required masking and the prescribed timeline for taking these steps. 

    A CDC COVID notification email is sent each Friday (excluding weeks of school breaks) to all staff and parents that will include:

    • CDC COVID level for the following week, 

    • AAPS guidance as it relates to CDC levels, and the

    • link to the AAPS COVID Report page (located on the website).

    Emergent Notifications: In emergent situations, such as a large outbreak or surge, as we have consistently done in previous years, information will be communicated directly to students, staff, parents and families as needed.