• Hello Parents and Friends of Mrs. Wright’s class!  
    Thanks for visiting our Wish List page. This year we don't need any of the typical classroom supplies! We have glue sticks, markers, tissues, and hand gel galore! We don't even need paper of any type right now.
    I am excited to share a special unique classroom need. Have you heard of SumBlox? They are terrific wooden blocks in the shape of numbers. The cool thing is that ten 1s stack up to the same height as one 10, a 3 and a 7 stack up together to the same height as a 10, a 2 and a 3 stack up together to the same hight as a 5... you get the idea. Talk about making math concrete! Simple... except there have never been any blocks like this that I could ever find before. 
    Here is a link so you can check it out yourself.  http://sumblox.com/
    I would like a class set for our incoming Y5 Kidpeople. I have done three or four Donors Choose projects before, but SumBlox is not yet a part of that system, and it could be that SumBlox will supply a different way. This is a topic that needs our further group consideration. So I am asking that right now you do nothing in the way of supplies for the class. You'll find out more on Curriculum Night, so please hang on tight. 
    We do not need any other items typically on school lists as we have a great supply. Most of those items will be shared with the school in general if they come in. 
    Thanks so much for stopping by the wishlist page. And thanks for being patient as I work on our best options to get SumBlox. More info will come your way soon!