• Hello Parents and Friends of Mrs. Wright’s class!  
    Thanks for visiting our Wish List page. This year we don't need any of the typical classroom supplies. We have glue sticks, markers, tissues, and hand gel galore! We don't even need paper of any type right now.
    The most useful items that parents can donate are Kroger gift cards. I use them for our cooking projects and special occasion snacks. With gift cards, I can dash into Kroger on my way to school and get exactly what we need. They can be for any amount as even five dollars is helpful!
    Please look for my Start of Year packet that I will drop at your front door the week BEFORE the Meet and Greet Popsicle Night on Wednesday, August 28. (Look for an email that you'll get from the Lakewood office for times.) The packet will contain special things for your child, VERY important information for you, and FORMS that I need back before school starts. I hand deliver these packets to make sure you have time to fill out the forms and bring them to the Meet and Greet. 
    Thanks so much for stopping by the wishlist page!