AAPS Building Solar Data

  • With the generous support of our community in passing the Sinking Fund and 2019 Bond, AAPS has been installing large rooftop solar arrays across the district.  Once the first 10 installations are completed in 2024, AAPS will have a total solar capacity of 1.74 MegaWatts of solar generation capacity.  This is equivalent to the annual energy consumption of 250 homes and will generate an annual savings of $275,000 and a 20-year total General Fund savings of over $3,000,000.

    All systems are monitored using SolarEdge inverter software.  Data can be downloaded for analysis and viewed online in daily, monthly and annual graphs and charts.  Below are links to the online monitoring systems at each school.

Pioneer Solar Club

  • The Pioneer High School Solar Club, supported by science teacher Stephen Armstrong and local solar engineers, completed an evaluation of the solar systems and presented their findings at the April 19, 2023 Board of Education Meeting.

    four students and faculty advisor, PHS solar club
  • monitoring graph
    Online Monitoring

    A2STAEM Solar Array
    A2STEAM Solar Array

    Haisley Solar Array
    Haisley Elementary Solar Array

    Huron Solar Array
    Huron HS Solar Array