• Proctoring at A2 Virtual

    Proctoring Requirements

    • All A2 Virtual+ classes must have at least two assessments proctored each term. This means the assessments are taken in-person under the supervision of an A2 Virtual+ staff member.
    • Your teacher or mentor will decide on the unit tests that will be proctored.
      • Any Ann Arbor Public School course that requires a common assessment will also have this exam proctored. 
      • District required pre/post-tests must also be proctored.
    • At least one test from your class should be proctored by the midpoint point of the course; do not leave all testing to the end of the term.
    • Students are required to attend these sessions as part of your online class.
      • If the student does not take these tests during a proctored session, they will receive a grade of zero "0" for the test(s).
      • For credit-bearing classes, this may mean a student does not receive credit for the class.
    • Students who are unable to attend a proctoring session at an AAPS building will need to go through the process of having a remote proctor approved by the A2 Virtual+ administration. Students will still be required to take the test in person at the remote proctoring location under the supervision of the approved proctor. Information about arranging a remote proctor is available on this website. https://www.a2school/site/Default.aspx?PageID=19673

    Proctoring Sessions

      • Students can take a proctored test at the weekly proctoring session offered at Skyline High School.
      • Students can also take a proctored test by contacting their building liaison to arrange a time to take the test at their school building of residency.
        • Please note that you may not miss a class to attend a proctored test session nor are students allowed to go to another school during the school day.
      • Please bring your school ID with you.  
      • Students need to bring their charged device with them to the testing session.
      • It is always best to arrive early for the proctoring session.

        Proctoring sessions are held Tuesdays from 4-7pm at Skyline High School Map of Skyline parking/entrance
    • At the session, students will check in with an A2 Virtual+ staff member.
    • After testing, proctors will verify the test has been completed and submitted.  The student's computer history will be reviewed.
      • Any history that was erased will be treated the same as a history that shows students left the testing site.  
      • Both cases will result in the student receiving a zero.  
    • Students who show a significant grade difference between proctored exams and homework will have the entire grade book reviewed. 
      • A meeting and/or additional steps will be required. 
      • There is a possibility that the student could fail the course.

    A2 Virtual+ Calendar

    All proctoring sessions will be posted on the A2V calendar.